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No Matter How Small

Dear Friend,

As we are nearing the end of 2011, hundreds of organizations are vying for your attention and your donation. I am here to tell you how your donation (no matter how small) ( to one organization can truly make a difference and have real impact. is often the first and only supporter of transformational ideas and projects. I would like to introduce to just two of them:

Ralph – Wears a necklace with the number “4” – because he was put in foster care at the age of four and placed in four foster homes.  Although he experienced a traumatic childhood, in his own words he “has overcome the sum of his horrors and used his experiences to protect, motivate, educate and inspire former and in-care foster youth.” Ralph is currently in school at Chabot College in Hayward, CA and is studying to receive a degree in English.  He got a award to support a project to make the transition from foster care to college better for students who share his background. 

Sarah – Frustrated that she could get more information, more quickly about what slopes to ski on than what local and state legislation was in the pipeline that was affecting her community and beyond– she founded (  She pitched her idea at a summit and received an award that she used to further open doors in her hometown of Seattle for the local governing process.  Her work ( has been picked up nationally, many bigtime funders are now onboard, and if her world vision plays out, we’ll all have the platform to know and track what’s going on in local government so we can make our neighborhoods better.

So, today, I am asking you not give to because I am asking you, but to give to ( because we are investing in the projects of young people like Ralph and Sarah that will make your world, my world, our world better.

Thanks for considering, 

Jen Stark

Chief Operating Officer,

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