Welcome Members!

Welcome! Hello my name is Travis Brimmer, I' am one of the causes administrators. I'am a member of the armed forces, and I can't say enough about how thankful I'am for the sacrifices of so many men and women in the armed forces, from the past, and…Read More

Donations! Christmas is near!!

Hello members! I just wanted to post an announcement about donating money to Amvets National Service Foundation! Christmas is nearing, and I am very sure that Amvets needs donations to help our fellow veterans this holiday season! Please all I ask is that…Read More

Keep recruiting!

Hello everybody! I just wanted to post a announcement about recruiting. Keep sending invites to your friends! I honestly believe that this is one of the most important causes on facebook! We need you to spread the word! This cause can get bigger! Oh and…Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Especially to all our troops and veterans! Thank you!


A beneficiary has been added to this cause. If you feel like you want to make a monetary donation you may do so by hitting the "Donate" button on the causes home page. There is also a link to there website if you would like to do a little research first. Any…Read More


Hello my name is Travis Brimmer, I am one of the new administrators for this cause. I am a soldier in the Army National Guard and I am very dedicated to supporting our troops! and I just wanted to thank you for being a part of this cause, with out people like…Read More

New Video

There is a new video by a Marine. This is written as a response to the dixi chicks saying we shouldn't be in Iraq! I would like everyone to hear it, it is one of the best I have heard in a long time.
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