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The Family Court System is failing to protect our children.


1. Judges and Attorney's need mandatory education about personality disorders and a child's age appropriate developmental needs- particularly Antisocial and Narcissistic since these are the most damaging to children.
2. A Trial Court should be mandated to consider ALL statutory factors in weighing a child's best interests.
3. A Trial Court must place child welfare above parental rights.
4. The law should require that a judge must articulate how he weighed each factor in determining custody.

This is not a Father's Rights Issue or a Mother's Rights issue: It is about Children's Rights! The Time is Now for Change! We need stronger legislation that protects the rights of our most precious and vulnerable resources: Our Children.

Each year, countless children are sent into unsupervised visitation, or worse, with an abusive or personality disordered parent. The most tragic cases involve situations where the protective parent is demonized and custody is awarded to the offender.

How do we know unequivocally that this happens? Each year, more and more children are coming forward to report about how the system has failed to protect them. The Courageous Kids Network and Children Against Court Appointed Abuse are but two of the groups that offers a voice to these victims. Some studies have estimated as many as 58,000 children each year suffer due to our broken family court system.

In a recent Tn Appellate Court Decision, state Judges have ruled that a "trial court is not obligated to consider all of the (best interest) factors" when making an initial determination of child custody. They also went on to say that it is okay for the trial court to consider a parent's right to a relationship with the child as being more important than any other factor. This is true, even when there is irrefutable evidence of abuse and mental illness.

Petition to legislators to enact bills that will protect our children. It is a call for disambiguation of the Law and Justice!


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