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"Reckless Disregard" ~ Allegations Of Breach Of Professional And Ethical Duties Against Lawyer.

Conscious and indifferent disregard of others' reputation or rights, or the dangerous consequences of one's action. In defamation cases, the defendant's malicious intent is judged against the standard of 'reckless disregard for truth.'

Dear Campaigners,

First I'd like to thank all those who have kept me motivated and have encouraged me to never give up. Thanks for all for your continued support, friendship, and love throughout the years!

For those of you that haven't been following my family court case here is a very brief summary and update.

Please understand that a Father has a basic desire to want to be with "his" children. And I am one of those Fathers!

In June of 2004 my son's mom and I got divorced. I have known my son's mom since 1992.

I have known my daughter's mom since 1990 and we dated until 1994. In November of 2004 she contacted me and we reunited, dated, and lived together beginning in January of 2005. Our daughter was born in 2006. We got engaged in Paris in October 2007. We broke up in June 2008 and I moved out. I focused on my work, my children, and family. As a District Sales Manager for a Multi-National Company I had to travel internationally every week between Mondays and Fridays. I only had the weekend for my children.

As we were still friends I was able to have normal time-sharing with our daughter (by mutual agreement) during the weekends, that is until October 5th, 2006 (our daughter's birthday).

Just after her birthday mom began to deny me any visit with our daughter. Mom served me with a Temporary Restraining Order on the 2nd week of October. During the DV hearing on October 27th, that mom and I attended without lawyers, mom and I admitted to Honorable Judge Cohn that "there were never any acts of domestic violence since we've known each other" and mom answered "no" when the Judge asked her if she felt I was a danger to her and or our daughter. Judge Cohn denied and dismissed mom's petition stating "No Just Cause". The Judge never addressed how I was going to see our daughter leaving me in limbo and afraid of mom...
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Reckless Disregard: Defending the Truth and Protecting Yourself
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