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End Parental Alienation

I encourage you to take advantage of Linda J Gottlieb's website: It has all her articles which document support for shared parenting, how to document the existence of the PAS, why PAS is child abuse, 29 pages from her book, and much more. All can be downloaded for free.

PAAO WEBINAR- What To Do When the Judge Is Hesitant to Remedy the Alienation - SUNDAY, JANUARY 26, 2014~~>

Testimony to the Task Force To Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care & Custody of Minor Children. - THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 2014~~>

Another Road to be Taken - Coming to grips with reality, everyone has fought the good fight, but it does not appear that the PAS will be accepted into the DSM 5. Nevertheless, this does not signify that we cannot document for the courts the PAS family dynamic that is so clearly observed as a highly dysfunctional family interactional pattern so destructive to children.

I have always approached this... More~~>

What Our Parents Mean to Us - My son decided that the most meaningful way to celebrate his father’s memory on this day was to send along the following message to any alienated child who will be open to listening.

When you are young and under your parents’ care: You learn to love them in response to how they love you. You attempt to take advantage of them in the hopes that you can train them to spoil... More~~>

A Christmas Message to Any Alienated Child who may be following my FB page - Whether out of derision, anger, curiosity, remorse, guilt, repressed love for your alienated parent, this message is exclusively for you. Christmas became a very sad day for me four years ago. You see, that year is when my son’s father passed away very prematurely. Because Christmas was my son’s father’s holiday and not... More~~>

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