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Update on November 17, 2012

Just a Few Case Examples Documenting How the PAS is Unquestionably Child Abuse via Linda J. Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW-R, Author

Case 4) Three teenagers, for whom I was providing reunification therapy between them and their alienated father, cheered each time their father sobbed about how much it hurts to have lost any kind of relationship with them. Mimicking their mother's fallacious abuse allegations, they snapped at him in session, "You should have thought about the consequences before you abused us and mom," and "You got what you deserved." Without acknowledging in the slightest that their behavior was indefensible, they kicked their father in the groin, punched him in the head, threw water on him, spit at him, and slapped him in the face. They were trying to pummel him as seriously as if he were a punching bag. Having learned proficiently from their mother, they had the audacity to call the police to have him arrested on the spurious claims that he had abused them during visits! I was incredulous at the ever-escalating level of cruelty, which they displayed towards him and at the pleasure they took in the pain that they had caused him. Their alienating mother's failure to constrain their escalating abusive behaviors resulted in the following outcomes: one teen was expelled from school for assaulting a teacher and endured several psychiatric placements; the second was placed in foster care after he had become unmanageable at home. And the third teen, a girl, became sexually active by the age of 14, and one incident included a rape. (She was looking for love in all the wrong places because a girl's important first male love----upon whom she must practice about how to relate to the opposite gender----had been eradicated from her life.)

Case 5) An alienating father of a girl age 16 and a boy age 18 had been physically abusive to their mother throughout the marriage. He had no compunction about modeling this behavior for his children. Showing little interest in his daughter, he concentrated on destroying the relationship between his son and his wife. Mimicking his father, the boy promptly accused his mother of "taking my father to the cleaners," "deserving to be beaten because you are a nag," and "being a crazy, cunt mother." He cautioned her not to plan on a two-bedroom apartment as "my sister will soon be joining dad and me." The boy, himself, physically abused his mother by hitting her in the head with a book, punching her in the stomach, and attempting to choke her. I will give the reader one guess how the boy treated every one of his girlfriends because of how he witnessed his alienating father maltreating his mother.

In my book, The Parental Alienation Syndrome: A Family Therapy and Collaborative Systems Approach to Amelioration, I documented the treatment summary of 56 PAS children, and the following were the statistics regarding the symptoms which they experienced at some time during the alienation process: 18 were physically abusive to their targeted/alienated parent; 49 were verbally abusive; 19 had educational issues; 51 demonstrated behavioral issues in various settings; and 51 experienced serious emotional disturbances.

Any questions? Or better yet, any doubts that the PAS is child abuse?

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