Life Beyond Life….as every woman is a new generation
जीवन के आगे जीवन….क्योंकि हर लड़की एक नया वंश है

An initiative to spread awareness about Cervical Cancer and its prevention vaccine series.

Life Beyond Life is here to spread awareness about Cervical Cancer i.e. cancer of the cervix. A cancer not much known, often ignored, doesn’t surface usually in its initial stages, simply confused with cervical spondylitis and much more.

Why is it called Life Beyond Life?
The coined phrase ‘Life Beyond Life’ stands for a life that is beyond the dimensions of life. In other words it means a completely new life.

Why the tag line As Every Woman is a New Generation?
Cervical cancer happens only to women. This cancer may essentially not kill always but its main treatment is removal of the uterus. So no child birth after that, so no new generation.

This cancer kills the hope with which people marry, start families, happiness they look forward to, the hope of parenthood. It brings in rejection instead especially for the woman. Medically this cancer is curable but emotionally it completely drains individuals and families.

This is an initiative to make people aware. Because cervical cancer is one of the biggest causes of cancer-related deaths amongst women in India and across the world. Love the Women in your life. Please join hands by inviting your family and friends to Life Beyond Life – As Every Woman Is a New Generation.

Life Beyond Life is also an initiative to spread awareness about the vaccine series that can help in prevention.

This is my way of doing something for the community. Something meaningful. As a way of thanking society for doing so much for me since I was born. A small way of saying “thank you" to the society.

The initial work started in November 2009 and constant support is needed to take it to the next level.

Are you willing to join hands?