Sorry I forgot

I had forgotten that this even existed and then it came up last night. Good news... the children came home 3/14/2014 after being gone for 1526 days. Bad news... the family is struggling financially after all they have been through. I myself am being…Read More


I had not realized how long it had been since I posted here. We lost a trial in July 2011 on the eldest child. He to was placed under Permanent Managing Conservatorship only with his dad & not CPS as it is with the younger two. Last month we received…Read More

Last court

CASA made statements that caused Angela to loose her Sunday visitation with the kids. We had just gotten the younger two added Jan 6th. So once again the kids had time with one another. Now it has been stripped back down to 2 hr/month. This is the second time…Read More


Last Thursday, CPS called Angela at home, waking her from a dead sleep. The caseworker claimed that she was slurring her words, so she called the police. Entering through an unlocked front door, arrested her off her sofa for "Public Intoxication of a…Read More

Case #3

A couple of weeks ago CPS attacked Angela again. Despite there not being a reference in neither Family Plan nor a court order telling Angela she can not babysit; CPS has instructed her employer that she is not allowed to babysit or they will remove his…Read More

Remembering Life

Today I've been going through hundreds of photos that we've taken of the kids. I look at the closeness and love that they show toward one another and they make me proud. Because despite all the heart ache CPS has put them through, they still stand together as…Read More


Well we did not win, but they did not remove Angela's parental rights either. Right now I have to regroup. I will let you know more when I do.
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