Its that time of year again. Time to donate a blanket to a person in need; a person that sleeps on the chilling cold streets of LA; a person that will be very greatful for your blanket donation.

Please begin your blanket drive at school, work, church, with family, any way possible to collect as many blankets as we can and break last year's record of 700 blankets! Yes, you helped me collect 700 blankets last year and this year our goal is 1500! I have…Read More

This is where your donations went....

Angie Valle just posted a photo to your cause, Blanket Drive for Homeless People ( Look at the grateful faces on these people. I am glad to announce that we over exceeded our goal and handed put 300…Read More

Blanket Drive

Hello everyone! I am blown away by the positive responses and efforts I have received from all of you! Thank you for your participation in this drive. If any of you have blankets to donate, please contact me and I will try my best to meet with you. Thank you…Read More
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