Help Reduce Suicide rates in Australia

Suicide Prevention Australia

I created this organisation to raise awareness about suicide in Australia. I along with millions of others around the globe, have lost someone close due to Suicide.

In Australia more than 2000 people a year take their own lives - this is more than deaths caused from traffic accidents.

Australia has one of the highest rates of suicide in the developed world;

Statistically, men are four times more like to take their own life than women;

Suicide and self-harm remain unacceptably high in the Australian community with death at least 40% higher than that attributed to the national road fatalities.

Every day, six to seven Australians die by suicide.

For each person lost by suicide, there are 30 others who have made a suicide attempt.

For every suicide, it is conservatively estimated that, on average, another six people will be severely affected by intense grief.
Many people bereaved by the suicide of a loved one are themselves at-risk of suicidal ideation;

Suicide prevention strategies of the recent past prove that preventative strategies work!

It is estimated that for each completed
suicide of a young male, there are 15
or more attempts, while for every
completed female suicide, there are
more than 100 attempts.

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Getting Help

National Help Lines

Kids Help Line (if you are under 18) 1800 551 800

Lifeline 13 11 14

Child Protection and Family Crisis Service 1800 656 463

Transcultural Mental Health Centre 1800 648 911


Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team 1800 629 354


Salvo Care Line 1300 363 622 or 02 9331 6000

Crisis Line 02 9331 2000

Youth Line 02 9360 3000

Northern Territory

Crisis Line Northern Territory 1800 019 116

Parent Line 1300 30 1300


Crisis Counselling Service 1300 363 622

Parent Line 1300 30 1300

South Australia

Mental Health Assessment and Crisis Intervention Service 13 14 65


Samaritans Lifelink country 1300 364 566

Metro 03 6331 3355


Suicide Help Line Victoria 1300 651 251

Parentline 13 22 89

Western Australia

Samaritans Suicide Emergency Service country 1800 198 313

Metro 08 9381 5555

Youthline 08 9388 2500

Crisis Care 1800 199 008 or 08 9223 1111

Salvo Care Line 08 9227 8655

I have also created an Australian Suicide Awareness and Prevention group.


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