Join the group for this cause Above is a link to this causes group page. please join and spread the word. This project will finally be taking off soon. I will post updates as progress develops to the groups wall. Thanx so much…Read More

Membership goal

We are getting close to our membership goal. Keep inviting your friends so we can all smash stigma together! Thank you. -Angelikah

Saloon employee drag show- Benefiting The Aliveness Project!

Looking for a way to give AND have a good time? Check out this awesome, fun event benefiting The Aliveness Project!

More than halfway there!

Thanx everyone! we are more than halfway to our goal of 500 members! keep sending invites and we'll be there any day now!

New member goal!!

Thanx everyone for your support and for getting your friends involved. Because of you we are already almost at 200 members! Since we passed our first membership goal so quickly, I want to encourage you to help us reach 500 members. Every invite helps! Also,…Read More

We passed our goal!

Thanx to all of your support we have passed 100 members! Now lets try and raise $100+ for The Aliveness Project before 2010! Donate anything you can to "this is HIV" and 100% of your donation goes directly to The Aliveness Project! Thank you all for your…Read More

$100 before 2010

We've almost reached our goal of 100 members. Now lets reach our goal of atleast $100 donated by the end of 2009. All donations go to the Aliveness Project. Please throw in ten bucks if ya can.
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