stop the death of thousands of dolphins

This cause is to end the Japanese drive fishery slaughter of dolphins in Taiji.

The only way to stop the dolphin slaughter is to keep monitoring, advocating, filming, and bringing attention to it.

One of the main reasons that the killing continues is that very few people — in Japan and around the world — even know it is happening.

When the drive is over each day, the bodies of the dolphins are hauled away to the slaughterhouse for processing. Our team tries to photograph the butchering in order to get information out to the Japanese people, but we are constantly blocked by the Taiji dolphin killers.

The fishermen don’t want the public to know about their dirty, little secret, so they spend a lot of time hiding their activities. They know that if Japan and the world learn the truth about this barbaric practice, world opinion will immediately put it to an end.

The fishermen in Taiji told us not to take any photographs. They said that if our photos and video footage get out to the rest of the world, it would pressure the authorities in Tokyo to deny them permits for the annual dolphin slaughter.

We need to continue to return to Taiji to document the dolphin massacres and give the photos and video footage away to the media, free of charge. We will continue to encourage journalists to return to Japan with us. Exposing these crimes against nature to the world is crucial.

Scientific evidence on dolphins confirms that they are highly intelligent, aware, sentient, and emotional mammals with closely bonded social lives and important intergenerational cultural traditions.

We need your help to get the word out quickly.

1. Help Stop the Largest and Cruelest Slaughter of Dolphins in the World!