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Everyday Hero: Stuart Millheiser is earth angel

This article was published today detailing the phenomenal work of Stu Millheiser (president and founder) of The ALS Guardian Angels Foundation.    Please take a moment to read the article and pass it on:

Also, if you have not done so already, please "like" our page on Facebook to stay up to date on the work that The ALS Guardian Angels Foundation is doing and how you can help, please feel free to message us there directly as well:

As always, thank you to the truly wonderful supporters of this amazing cause.  It is only through your continued support that the ALS Guardian Angels Foundation can carry out its mission: 

"Most ALS related organizations are dedicated to finding a cure. Until then, ALS patients need help living. The ALS Guardian Angels Foundation is dedicated to helping patients and their families live with ALS while maintaining the best quality of life possible."

- Stuart Millheiser

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