What rhymes with orange?

Good morning, I was going to write a poem about why you should give the Cause $10 today to help us win America’s Giving Challenge, but I am really poor when it comes to rhyming. I think it is because my favorite color is orange. So if you have a poem that…Read More

Help us win the Challenge - please give $10

Please help us spread the word and win America's Giving Challenge. Thank you!

11 days left - help us win

Please donate $10 to our Cause. And please help spread the word -- send a note to your friends and family inviting them to join the Cause!

I was wrong

The minimum donation is 10 bucks. Please don't let that stop you. :)

One buck

In order to win America's Giving Challenge we need to get as many donors as possible. But here is the kicker - it isn't the amount raised it is the number of donations. That means, all we need is a buck.... Well, another buck tomorrow will help too. The…Read More

Consumers Union, Nonprofit Publisher of Consumer Reports is in America's Giving Challenge—Let's win $50,000!

Hi everyone, Our cause just entered in America's Giving Challenge, which gives us a chance to win $50,000! Please donate today: http://www.causes.com/donations/select_donation_method?cause_id=40676 To win, between now and November 7th we have to get the…Read More
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