60 Days, 71 Villages

From September to December 2009, in collaboration with WWF-CARPO, INCEF Education Coordinator Eric Kinzonzi and Project Manager Saturnin Ibata trained 12 educators in the Monkoto Corridor, SLS Landscape, in INCEF’s outreach education methodology. This…Read More

Day Five is Live Now: http://incef.wildlifedirect.org/2010/03/20/

Ella and Eric are just one of three INCEF teams working in the Republic of Congo. Together all three teams covered more than 50 towns and villages in 2009, and reached thousands of individuals. Results from the questionnaires not only showed that villagers…Read More

Day Four of Five Days on the Road

Day Four is up and a chance to view Day 1 through Day 3. http://incef.wildlifedirect.org/2010/03/16/day-4-five-days-on-the-road/

INCEF responds to Refugee Situation in Northern Congo

The International Conservation and Education Fund (INCEF) has teamed with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in responding to a worsening, but largely ignored, refugee crisis in northern Republic of Congo. Since the end of 2009, over 110,000…Read More

David Weiner: Film Supports Victims of Sexual Violence

Perseverance may be a vastly underappreciated virtue. We’ve never doubted the need for it in pursuing the work of INCEF so that we could move beyond bare sustainability, but it could hardly be more impressive than in the case of the Tayna Center for…Read More

DISPATCH: Preventing Monkeypox in Monkoto, DRC

The right information can save a life -- and you can help by donating to INCEF. In just one week, over 1,400 children in the Democratic Republic of Congo were given a better chance to avoid a disfiguring, and sometimes fatal, disease known as monkeypox. And…Read More
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