Still going strong

Trinidad and Tobago where every one comes together let us continue to unite and bring people together

Thanks to all

It is heart warming when ever I come here to still see so many people joining. Thanks again.

thanks you

Hey guys thank again for keeping this cause alive

Happy new year to all

well to all memembers happy new year to all of you. I hope you and your love ones have A blessed year, make every second worth remembering.Thanks for all the support you have given to our cause.It's amaizing to know that so many people care about our country…Read More

We are almost there

Hi everyone, well how is everybody feeling right now? Well I dont know for everybody out there, I am almost speachless. You guys should be very happy with all the effort you guys have been putting into this.... We are almost there.Keep doing what…Read More


This was an attempt to get people to join my cause, which was get facebook to add A Trinidad and Tobago flag. In doing so I am at the point of succession, correction we are almost at that point. If was not for somany of you this would not have been possiable.…Read More

actknowledgement to all members

My dear members thank you so much for taking the time to support this this cause. Feel free at any time to give me some advice on how we can make this cause grow at a quicker paste
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