Rhino caring

Volunteers needed to help look after rhino in the waterberg no charge they just need help to care for the rhino, camping spots available for the 4x4 and 2x4 campers, camp amongst the wildlife, or accomodation can be arranged at a small fee. Leave your email…Read More

Pray for Nyanga the Lioness

Please keep Nyange the zoo Lioness in your thoughts and prayes her fate will be decided tomorrow, for those of you who do not know the story (it is a long stroy but i will try compress it) her gate was left open and she killed one of the retired employees, so…Read More

Tracking Dog needs your help

One of the Tracking dogs broke his leg and had to undergo an operation we are trying to help with funds to pay for the medical expences if you can help please let us know, we will put you in contact with the owner

Zimbabwe in urgent need for volunteers to help with anti poaching

If you can help with funds or your time please email us

SMS Rhino to 38776

To donate R10, towards saving, and relocating Orphaned and traumatised Rhino's to the Rhino Sanctuary

Great News

We have had a Sponsor from Germany to Rescue Jomo the Rhino, he will now be relocated to a place of safety where he will get cared for fed and loved 24/7 Thx Girlz for all your hard work

Rhino Rescue Project needs everyones help

“In the early hours of the morning the gentle mother rhino tensed. She immediately stood by her calf to protect her. She knew this smell, it was the smell of a predator. Her prey instincts were to flee. Her heart raced as she rounded up her calf and together…Read More
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