The Cosmetic Tax has been removed from the Senate bill!!! Why? Because all of you - and thousands of others - wrote or called their representatives to express their opinions. Give yourselves a pat on the back... and use this victory to inspire you to act in…Read More

Call your Senators today!

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has set up a special hotline that will direct you to your senators. It is easy and tales just a moment: Call 1-877-221-8207 now! And take the time to invite all your facebook friends to join this cause. If you don't…Read More

Membership is growing!

Just a reminder to be sure that you INVITE all your Facebook friends to join this cause!!!! And be sure to WRITE your representatives in DC. That is the point of is not enought o just join the Cause. We must make our voices heard. Do this NOW. ST

The Cosmetic Surgery Tax

There is great news to share: Monday's New York Times has an excellent and balanced article on the tax: But the article makes it clear that senators were looking for just one thing: MONEY. We…Read More
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