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I personally wanted to thank everyone for joining. I think that just by then numbers of you applying in the past week (over 6,000 strong) it shows that you are passionate about the game and wish to make it more enjoyable both for yourself and everyone involved. I originally created this forum to complain about the cost of the Ultra Rares and the other Wildlife Point prizes. I have recently found that many players also wish to get adjustments on their personal Zoo. I totally agree with you on that as well... If you would like to add me or just send me a note so I can compile our concerns, please use my new Zoo World account with Jack Schmidt via [email protected] since I am currently downsizing and removing names from my personal family account. I am sorry, but for my family's safety and security I am only adding people I know or trust to my actual account. Please feel free to add Jack and Message me so I don't have my e-mail account overwhelmed with messages. You can verify it is the right account because it has the little Girl holding an alligator on it, just like the cause photo above...

***The cost of Ultra Rare Animal and Specialty Items***

I understand the designers/creators of this game made it to make money. I understand, but the excessive cost of the "Specialty" items and creatures shows the incredible greed of the people behind the game. Let me break down prices for you in the value of U.S. Dollars.

~$1.00 is the equivalent of 4 Wildlife points.

So the Dodo Bird, Brontosaurus, or Breading Specialist at 80 points are worth about $20.00 each! Webkinz are only $9.99 to $12.99 each or you can get $17.99 for 2 (regular and Lil'kinz of the same type on a single card) at Toys-R-Us anywhere in the US.

A break down of the costs is as follows:
~Stegosaurus costs 78 Wildlife Points or $19.50
~Rainbow Peacock costs 75 Wildlife Points or $18.75
~T-Rex costs 75 Wildlife Points or $18.75
~Phoenix costs 78 Wildlife Points or $19.50
~Dodo Bird costs 80 Wildlife Points or $20.00
~Green Dragon costs 83 Wildlife Points or $20.75
~Brontosaurus costs 80 Wildlife Points or $20.00
~Pegasus costs 70 Wildlife Points or $17.50
~Unicorn costs 50 Wildlife Points or $12.50 The cost of a new Webkinz!

~ 1 of everything is a grand total of 516 Wildlife Points or $167.25 for 1 full set of Ultra rares alone. A breeding pair of them all is 1032 Wild life points for a Grand total of $334.50!!!

~Breeding Specialists are 80 Wildlife Points or $20.00 just to be able to breed 1 more animal at a time!
~Meanwhile the Specialty Islands (Butterfly and Turtle) are 40 Wildlife Points or $10.00 each and recently their additional income capabilities were reduced!

~WLP Specialty Trees (Big Cherry Blossom Tree and Big Coconut Tree) are 100 Wildlife Points or $25.00 each for the grand ability to be able to produce 1 Wildlife Point per day that you can get online to shake it, and no one else gains any benefit from it.

~Monetary specialty trees like the Scary Tree 15 Wildlife Points or $3.75 and the Willow Tree 25 Wildlife Points or $6.25 are viable options if all you want to do is make money, but at the cost, it is more cost effective to visit lots of other zoos after you get your zoo to a reasonable amount. Effectively playinf the game for a week nullifies the need for them before you can really afford them!!!

OK, so you don't have to actually pay for them with your own money. You can get levels for 1 point per level... And anyone who has gotten past level 10 can tell you that you should start getting 2 or 3 Wildlife points for some of those higher levels...

What about offers? Yes let me give out personal information to find out that I still have to buy something for money in order to qualify, or I have to take a prequalifier to be accepted in the actual offer to be denied after giving MOST of your personal information away! NO you do not even get partial credit for attempting to fill out 19 of the 20 prequalifier questions before being Disqualified for being white or not making enough money per year or heaven forbid,...


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