Wildlife Point items need to be easier to obtain and Balance the costs accross the game to make it more enjoyable for everyone/

I am just making an open request to the designers/developers and supporters of the Facebook game known as Zoo World to adjust the monetary values they have placed on some of the specialty items in their online game to be more realistic and to adjust the game settings to be more realistic. You can still create a challenge without creating a disaster. I feel it would raise revenue for the developers and also create a more relaxed and fun filled environment for the players of the game if some or all of our requests could be met.

1. Wildlife Points Are currently worth 4 pointsfpr each U.S. $1. Most WLP items cost $10 to $20 of our time or personal information.

2. Monetarily Speaking you are paying more for digital items than a 'Webkinz toy' at the store. That is completely unrealistic.

3. World Zoo is currently losing many players to unobtainable wants created by the overpriced settings of specialty and maintanance/upgrade items.

4. If the actual monetary cost of the WLP was lowered or the cost of the special items was lowered, people might be more willing to part with thier $$$

5. We constantly adjust the ticket cost of our zoos for more revenue, we would like to suggest you do likewise for Zoo World.