Support for victims of domestic violence...,  AWARE was created by a small group of survivors of domestic violence in 1995

Since then, these survivors have become mentors and, together with advocates and staff,they have empowered other women to free themselves from the fear,intimidation and pain brought on by an abusive partner.

 “It is indeed the voice of survivors, their struggles and their experiences, that guide our work and give meaning to our mission.”  Website: www.womenaware.ca Click here for our Femmes Averties / Women Aware Facebook Page
 Our flower logo symbolizes the colors of:   Red * Strength, Power  Green * Health, Renewal  Purple * Stability, Spiritually  Yellow * Hope, Happiness   Notre fleur- logo représente:  Pétale rouge * Force, puissance et courage  Pétale verte * Santé et renouveau  Pétale violette * Stabilté et sérénité  Pétale jaune * Espoir et bonheur