Little Known Facts about Mumbai

Mumbai makes us proud and here are reason for people who need them Mumbai singlehandedly handles about 25% of the domestic and 38% of the international air passenger traffic in the country. Mumbai's suburban rail systems carry a total of 2.2 billion…Read More

Congratulations We are 100* now

HI All, Congratulations to all .We are 100 and still growing.Our 100th member is RICHA CHUGH .Welcome to the club Richa.I'm sure some day we will be more than 10000.Today FB has 350 million users out of which some 100,000 are approximatley Indians.The aim is…Read More

Some Reactions to Bal Thackeray slamming Sachin for his "Mumbai for all INDIANS"Statement

Some Reactions: "This is the same language that Mohammed Ali Jinnah spoke. The whole of India and all Maharashtrians excluding a few Shiv Sena leaders and leaders of Raj Thackeray's party are with Tendulkar. These kind of comments are completely uncalled…Read More

Thanks for the Support

HI All, Thank you so much for joining this cause and helping us grow .I really appreciate that .Its good to know that so many of us resonate the same feeling and are united in this cause.Mumbai is what it is because of all of us and no one can patrionize the…Read More
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