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Please can all supporters share our cause with their friends asking them to join us with their support. You can find details of our work on our Face Book Page


With the continuing rise in airfair costs to get animals to their new homes we are putting an appeal for supporters to help. We currently have 6 kittens and 3 puppies waiting to get to their new homes. During the winter months we must pay 16 euro per kilo -…Read More

Cat-Line Creta Page on Face Book

For all the latest information of animals - both cats/kittens, dogs/puppies in our care and looking for wonderful forever loving homes visit our page. Lots of photos of new and all re-homed animals to be found there.

New Homes

Well this week will see the departure of Garfield - 2 month old kitten leaving here for his new home in Germany. The team wish him a very happy life with his new owners and family. Also Good news for Bronte -= one of Trixie's 10 week old pups. She will be…Read More

Raise funds - the easy way!!!!

Believe it or believe it not but every cause supporter can now raise funds - just by browsing the web with Easysearch. Visit It is just as fast as any other browser and at same time donates funds to us. When you register just add…Read More

Cat-Line Creta

Hi Everyone, Well things are really getting busy around here nowadays. 17 kittens, 4 cats, mother with 5 puppies (2weeks old) 5 orphan puppies - now 3 weeks old, today a small dog brought in - maybe just wandered away or worse still dumped - wearing a…Read More

New kittens

We now have 17 new kittens in our care making a total of 25 cats and kittens here needing our love care and attention. There are now 908 supporters to our cause Support Cat-Line, Creta. If every supporter gave a euro per week we would have no worries about…Read More
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