UN's new campaign on violence against women

Thank you everyone for supporting this cause. We are still working hard to get Agape to accept European beneficiary organisatioons with no success so far. Now we need more support than ever after UN have started this project on violence against women,…Read More

3 figure members???

Thanks a lot for all you joining this most important and very unknown cause on FaceBook. We will reach 6 figures and build awareness about the truth on violence against children. Please recruit all your friends and bring us up to 3 figures.

PLEASE!!! Recruit

We need more members to this cause to help children around the world. So please make your friends aware that children needs both parents. Project Agape is trying hard to add beneficiaries from other parts of the world than North America. And I really have to…Read More

The Incontrovertible Facts About Fathers

So next is to stop the terror against children and fathers!!! By Janice Shaw Crouse, Townhall.com (USA), 27 February 2008 This should be the final word - 24 scholarly studies covering 22,300 separate sets of data published in the 20 years between 1987 and…Read More


We have searched all over USA and Canada for a worthy beneficiary for this cause, but there seems to be a total lack of organizations working with the real truth that are approved by Project-AGAPE. Please send us a notification if any of you know a 501(c)3…Read More

RADAR and FathersCan vs. UNICEF

Thank you all for the support. Keep on making this cause known to all your friends.To save children is even more important than global warming. FathersCan is pending and still not approved by Project-Agape. I am shocked however, to see that UNICEF is on the…Read More

Temporary Benificiary

FathersCan is applied for to be the temporary beneficiary of this cause. http://fatherscan.blogspot.com/ This will be the case until we have put together the international resources to form an international non-profit org. Awaiting feedback from…Read More
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