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Warriors needed for DHFMA Website

Good afternoon and happy holidays to all!

I know that news from the Dean Hedstrom Foundation has been slow in coming but that doesn't mean that we haven't been working hard behind the scenes and moving forward!

We have been super busy finalizing the issues from last years tournament and gearing up for next years! The date for the tournament is May 1, 2011, same place, same time, so mark your calendars! You will begin receiving more regular updates, information and newsletters after the first of the year.

One of our biggest challenges in starting the foundation was finding someone on an ongoing basis to help us with the website. Well, now we have and she was worth the wait! We are in the process of revamping and updating the site and should be live with it within the next week, please make sure to check it out!

In the meantime, we are looking for melanoma warriors that will allow us to put a photo of you on our site with a short five line bio about you and your battle. If you live in the Tampa Bay area we have a photographer that can take your picture. If you are not available for a sitting, we would just need a photo with a blank backgroud and you to the right of the photo. Please let me know as soon as possible if youa re interested and/or if you have any questions.

Much love,

Kris Hedstrom

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