Help raise funds for a specially trained service dog from 4 Paws for Ability.

Nine-year-old Corbin “Tucker” Davis, a Katy resident and my youngest son, has a very special opportunity. We are seeking the support of the community in order to achieve this potentially life-saving as well as life-changing goal. YOU CAN HELP.

Tucker, a fourth grader, is one of the 1:150 children on the autism spectrum. He also suffers from Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Restless Leg Syndrome, and a Tic Disorder. We are seeking to rise above these obstacles by raising money for a service dog trained especially for him.

Because of Tucker’s disabilities Tucker has difficulty processing things in his environment. Things that seem normal to you and me, such as brushing your teeth, taking medicine, or getting prepared to go somewhere, can be so overwhelming to Tucker that he just can’t handle it. He will get so upset, sometimes to the point of having “meltdowns.” Sometimes it seems his meltdowns come on for no reason at all. Once the meltdown begins, Tuckers senses go into overload and the simplest, most innocent touch or word can send him raging. He’s been known to scream, cry, climb under tables, throw chairs, hit, pinch, scratch, and even spit on the person(s) trying to calm him. Tucker has been hospitalized four times this year for behaviors that caused him to be a potential harm to himself and others. According to psychologists, as children with autism grow to adulthood, suicidal thoughts increase exponentially. They become aware that the world around them is based on abstract social rules they cannot understand. Subsequently, adolescents with autism feel alienated and powerless to change themselves.

It is for the above reasons I have applied for Tucker to receive a Autism Assistance Dog from 4 Paws for Ability, Inc., a Non Profit 501 c(3) that helps families with special needs acquire canine service animals.

As part of the application process, I have agreed to partner with 4 Paws to help fundraise the $13,000 it would cost for training this service dog. Once we have reached our goal, 4 Paws will, in return, begin training a dog specifically for Tucker and his special needs.

Tucker’s dog will be trained in behavior disruption, which means the dog is trained to help calm Tucker before his meltdowns have a chance to escalate. The dog would be trained to tether to Tucker in public places. Tucker often, in stores and parking lots, wants to walk without holding hands. Tucker has no regard to the dangers of a child walking alone in busy stores or parking lots. He has “bolted” from me many times. Tucker and his dog would each have special vests with hooks to connect them together, while an adult would hold a separate leash for the dog also. The dog will also be search and rescue trained to locate Tucker if he were missing. This will give Tucker the independence he desires with the safety he needs. This service dog would also act as a “social magnet” making it easier for other children to approach Tucker and make friends, taking the focus away from Tucker’s social awkwardness and shifting it to the service dog.

1. www.4paws4tucker.webs.com

2. Raise awareness of the benefit of service dogs specially trained for children with autism.

3. To raise awareness of this fabulous organization that specially trains service dogs for people worldwide.

4. Please make donations in honor of "Corbin 'Tucker' Davis" so that he may receive credit for your generosity.