To gather, educate, and empower all Hawaiians to enforce our treaties of recognition of independence by England, France, and the U.S. as well as the Cleveland-Lili`uokalani Executive Agreements.

We must gain knowledge then engage this national quest for the restoration of our government and for the sake of our entire history. But most importantly for our kupuna's, who died for theirs as well as our inalienable and constitutional rights. Seek their ike maka (Visionary intellect), know their mo moe ia (Dreams). Imbued with the spirit of 'Io, we are protected by the Most High and obligated to our ancestors before us, our iwi kupuna, and those yet to come. They equip us with tools of traditional comprehension illustrating simple kupuka'aina (Original People) values to live sustainability and independently. Malama 'aina, aloha 'aina and most importantly ike 'aina, apply to our hereditary birth from Earth and our return to her after life, as well as each other. We are all, 'aina, and the unique balance of nature must be restored in society. So, maintain your deportment until your last breath and seek justice! 'Io lako ohana, E Onipa'a kakou. Long live our Queen...Long live the Kingdom

1. December 19, 1842-U.S. recognition of the Kingdom of Hawaii as an independent and co-equal nation.

2. November 28, 1843-The Anglo-Franco Proclamation-U.K. and France, Joint Resolution in recognition of the independence of the Kingdom of Hawaii

3. March 10, 1874-Great Britain's New South Wales Treaty with Hawaiian Kingdom

4. March 20, 1887-Treaty with Samoa-Hawaiian Kingdom (Elele Book,Card and Job Print, 1887)State Archives

5. March 25, 1879-Hawaiian Kingdom Treaty with Germany-At 129 in State Archives