Please help us save Precious!

We have Precious in boarding and rehab but need your help. Only $5 has been raised and we're into the boarding and herbal support/training for $900. Please share and donate to Precious .. read her story below! Help us heal Precious and show other rescues…Read More

Help Reunion Rescue PLEASE...share our story!

We’ve taken on three new dogs recently and already had a house full! Please consider a small donation to help us keep our dogs in treats and good food..just spent $602 on this month’s raw dinners! Gretsky:…Read More

Chip in for new Reunion dog, Gretsky! Gretsky is like so many other wonderful dogs who've lost their homes. Reunion Rescue can't save them all, but has written a book, Pit Bull Nation,…Read More

Help Reunion Rescue with LuLu's LEGAL Fund

May 21, 2015...our rescue dog, Lulu managed to get out of daycare where she was boarded. This resulted in LuLu being returned to a person on the microchip who is believed to have adopted LuLu to the abusing household who abandoned her at Reunion Rescue in…Read More

October raw feeding and care for the Reunion Rescue refugees!

We are about to order Texas Tripe food order for our refugees...BeBe, William, Shadow, Tex, Cracker Jack, Amber, Vinny, Peanut, Princess, Posey, Douglas, Witch's Toe, Spook, Austin, Fernando, Germ, Marshmellow, Freddie and the rest! This month's order…Read More

Reunion Rescue Monthly Bills

We need your help....this month our bills were over $3500. Please consider helping out by visiting and making a small donation. Please share Reunion Rescue and our work with your network and help us save more lives as the world's only…Read More

Almost 10% toward our goal to buy a new water system

Help me achieve my birthday wish to buy the dogs (and cats and birds) a new water purification more.... As you know, Reunion Rescue runs the world's only holistic truly no-kill raw feeding pit bull refuge. Our old water purification system bit…Read More
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