Empower 900 Filippino Youth in Peace Building through Building a Library and Service-Learning

We are developing an exciting project that will Empower 900 Filipino Youth of Christian and Muslim Backgrounds in Peace Building. Mindanao, the second largest city in the Philippines, has a 63% Christian majority and 32% Muslim population resulting in many violent conflicts due to misunderstanding. We are partnering with the regional department of education in a pilot program where 900 students of Christian and Muslim background will learn skills in peace building and conflict prevention through service-learning. We have selected Iligan City in Mindanao as the site for the pilot program that will begin in late January 2010.

To raise funds for this initiative, we have joined the Global Giving’s (GG) Give More, Get More, online campaign whereby funds raised between Nov 10 and Dec 1, 2009 will be matched between 30 and 50% depending on the total amount raised. And if we raise the most funds or get the most individual donations, we are eligible for bonus awards up to $10,000. GG has allocated $250,000 in matching funds whereby donations will be matched on a first come basis. Therefore, donations received closer at the start of the campaign (Nov 10) stand a greater chance of receiving matching funds. Beyond the match, there are Top Prices for the organizations that receive the largest number of individual donations, and the largest overall total in the Give More, Get More Nov 10 to Dec 1 period.
We would like to ask for your support in a few ways:

* 1. Make a donation of $10 or more at www.globalgiving.com/4054 between Nov 10 and Dec 1.
* 2. Be a Team Captain by recruiting 5 to 10 or more of your friends of family to give $10 or more.
* 3. Recruit Team Captains from your network for this great cause.
* 4. Share this opportunity on your Facebook profile, tweeting it, and through other online networks.

Thanks for your consideration of this opportunity in making the world a better place. Find out more at www.globalgiving.com/4054

In appreciation,

The SFP Team :)

1. Service is a Path to Peace

2. Education is a Path to Peace