To promote compound archery in order to be included in the Olympic Events

A poor student from the Capital Sports Institute, Cai Shuo is one of about 15,000 modern Chinese who fell in love with the fashionable sport of archery and he managed to win a world wide tournament.

Compound archers in general are very different from their peers who practice recurve archery, because compound archery is not an Olympic event, the archers are economically independent, they spend their own money for training, and that means more than 2000$ per year.

In most countries, if you practice an Olympic sport and are selected to national or provincial teams, you do not have to worry about money and facilities for training. However, most of non-Olympic players do not enjoy as much support, especially economically, from their government.

The players all have their own work to do and they practice archery in spare time at local clubs. They only gather when there are major international competitions

In Greece, we've got no less than 15,000 people who play in archery clubs all over the country.

Compound archery has more excitement that recurve, please help to promote it into an Olympic Event.

1. Compound archery must be promoted it into an Olympic Event

2. Coumpound archers must be economicaly benefited when winning national and internation events