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**Merry Christmas JoeyBear. Mommy really misses you and wonders what it is that you would have asked for this year. Would you have been the first one to wake up, run downstairs and scream " Santa Came, Mama Santa Came, Get Up, Get Up!!", Would you have ripped all of your presents open in the flash of an eye or would you have taken your time? What would you have ate for Christmas Breakfast, candy perhaps? Would we have slept by the tree to make sure we didnt miss Santa? Would you have cuddled with me listening for the reindeer to land on our roof? What tie would you have chosen to wear? Would you and Jeffrey have battled it out with Star Wars Swords? Whatever we would have done, I'm sure it would have been great. Thank you for each and every of the seven christmas' I shared with you. Thank you for allowing me to dress you like my little "Ken Doll", thank you for letting me shower you with gifts and of course for ever so grateful acceptance. I love you Joey. I miss your smile, laugh, hugs, kisses and of course the way you told me you loved me. Merry Christmas Baby. Have Fun with Jesus today.
Love you Forever, Mama xoxoxo 8

Joey's Christmas in Heaven
Mommy, I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below... With tiny lights, like Heaven's stars, reflecting on the snow. The sight is so spectacular, please wipe away your tears... because your Joeybear is spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear... But the sounds of music can't compare with the Christmas choir up here.
I have no words to tell you, the joy their voices bring, For it is beyond description, to hear the Angels sing. I know how much you miss me and how I miss you , I see the pain inside your heart. But I am not so far away Mommy, we really aren't apart. Please love and keep each other, just like God said to do. I can't count the blessings or love he has for each of you. So be happy for your Joeybear, You know I hold you dear. And be glad I'm spending Christmas in Heaven with Jesus Christ this year. I love you Joey bear, I hope to see you in Heaven again really soon! Love Mommy and Jeffrey. xoxoxoxo 8

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