3 May | World Press Freedom Day | Declare your right to communicate!

Happy World Press Freedom Day! On 3 May join Communication Is Your Right! and Take Back the Tech! for a global action day to defend our right to freely access, use, engage and share information and opinions and become our own media through information and…Read More

Thank you for your commitment Take Back The Tech! to end violence against women

Hi, Take Back The Tech! 16 days ended on Human Right Day. Thank you to all who have changed your icons, posted status messages, viewed the video, blogged, passed the word, taken action & took control of tech to end vaw. The 16 days is over, but keep the…Read More

Day 16 | Break the silence | Document violence

Hi all, It's the final day! To prevent violence, we need to know it's happening - one of the biggest problems in getting legislation to combat online VAW is that there's not enough documentation. Help us address the problem - join our VAW map,…Read More

Day 15 : Map it! | Points of support & action

Hi all, It's the second last day! Violence happens - often when we least expect it and to people to whom these things 'don't happen'. Today we're taking from the scouts 'Be prepared' motto. The action is to find support organisations for survivors of…Read More

Day 14: Change the music| Turn up the volume on feminist radio

Hi all, Time to take control of the airwaves! Tune in to your favourite feminist radio... and if you don't have a favourite, today is the day to find one! The TBTT team have got some suggestions, but we'd love to hear yours-literally! And once you've found…Read More

Day 13 | Grow knowledge | Translate & Share!

Hi all, Today's action is to translate something you love! Too many online feminist resources are only available in English. Resources in other languages are marginalised, and people who don't read English don't have the same access to information as English…Read More

Day 12 | Take a Stand | Don’t forward

Hi people, Today's action is to stop the spread of violence. Forwarding images of rape, sexual harassment or private images that have been made public is to be part of the violence. Stop the spread - delete the image, tell the sender to not be a jerk. Let…Read More
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