Zombie project update

Hello all Zombie enthusiasts, It's that time of year again where we must push our member drive. We can NOT get the zombie apocalypse going unless we give irresponsible youth money for their science projects. Now I'm not a big believer in science creating…Read More

The Big 500

Congratulations all you undead minions out there we have now reached 500. I would like to thank everyone. Time to update you on recent projects. We have a team in Saskatchewan who is digging up corpses and writing jesus on them backwards in babys blood then…Read More

We need fresh brains!

Its recruitment time again The concerned citizens against zombies is kicking our ass so we must become a larger cause becuase we are so much better then them. Beyond that our R&D department has had a recent upset with its monkeys filled with rage project…Read More

206 members

We have just broke 200 people and I am simply amazed. So I want everyone out there to see if we can break 500. I have a dream of a world inhabitated by the undead and savy survivors people and with your help we can help achieve our dreams. So get out their…Read More
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