Our mission is to create inpatient pediatric palliative care rooms for families whose children are suffering from chronic, potentially life limiting conditions.

We maintain a keen interest in helping children whose conditions, like Liam's, require frequent hospitalizations and rehabilitative treatments to care for full, partial, or spastic paralysis, lack of mobility, recurring pneumonia, and similar conditions due to their specific diagnosis. The mission of Liam's Room is to give these children and their families a feeling of a home away from home, during their period(s) of care. Our goal is to equip the room with all of the amenities that a child's room should offer, as well as, provide as much comfort to the entire family. We also aim to educate the staff who are treating the families, regarding the key components to pediatric palliative care, and implementation of the same. Lastly, we aim to provide support, resources, and guidance to families throughout the entire process of navigating through the many challenges that occur in these situations.