5 Minutes to help STLF!

Greetings friends- STLF is coming to the end of its biggest online campaign in history. Best Buy has given $250,000 to be given out by - YOU! We need to get as many 13-18 year olds to create an account on www.at15.com. By doing this, you'll earn points. You…Read More

Tuesday = Big DAY for STLF!

STLF needs your help: We are working hard to get as many people as possible to donate at least $10 on Tuesday. Heres how you can help before Tuesday: 1. Change your photo to the photo StudentsToday LeadersForever or Greg Tehven is using on facebook 2.…Read More

Help STLF add to its Facebook Fan Page - Post Pictures - Like!Like!Like!

STLF is working to have 25,000 Fans!!! And, we need your help. Please go to the following link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Students-Today-Leaders-Forever-STLF/117398701723 Next - 1 - Click on the Suggest to Friends button to the left. 2 - In the new…Read More

Help STLF - Free Twins Ticket Tues

Greetings friend- STLF alum Amy Ford has a connection to the Twins Community Foundation and they need your help: Volunteer to hand out Homer Hankies from 1:30-4, then get a free standing room only to stay for the game. Plus a $35 donation will be made to…Read More

Impact Story - Zac Ista

I don't know anyone else who makes a point of getting to Harry's Restaurant in time for the BBQ beef sandwich lunch special when they are in Washington, DC. I've never seen Harry's listed in the travel books or in the Washington Post's restaurant guide, and…Read More

Alumni Story - Ali Fadlallah, Kevin Parkinson, and Teach for America

**This is the second of a special two-part story post about two STLF Alums who are just starting their work with Teach for America. STLF's network continues to grow with exciting Alumni stories. Ali Fadlallah (University of Minnesota) and Kevin Parkinson…Read More

Read Sunny Kim's Story

Sunny Kim - Korea North Dakota State University My name is Sunny Kim from North Dakota State University. I have been aware of Students Today Leaders Forever since 2008 spring break. I have been interacting with STLF in a variety of ways even though you may…Read More
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