Stop the killing of healthy adoptable animals in shelters.

Support our Magic Bus Offsite Pet Adoptions
Save healthy adoptable animals from being killed in shelters. Almost 75% of the animals in our local shelters are killed, simply because there is not enough room in the shelters.
We can save them! There is hope!

Here's how we can find homes for shelter animals.

1. Find homes for shelter animals, through our Facebook network.
2. Hold off-site adoption events for all the shelter animals available to be adopted.
2. Transport shelter animals to safety - finding rescue groups and no kill shelters.
3. Support our Facebook network! Share ideas on Marketing, PR, Adoptions, Foster ideas and lead sources for new homes!

Step 1. Send out invitations to your friends to join "Save our Shelter Pets"
Step 2. Engage in activity now, suggest links and stories and upload pictures.
Step 3. Recruit volunteers to promote posted adoption events and re-report (share) stories to media and friends.
Step 4. Sponsor an adoption fee (Get out of Jail Free Card $100) for a shelter animal, or feed a shelter pet for one month (Food $65). Simply click on the donate link to see options.

You can help save a shelter pet now! Help us end the killing of adorable adoptable pets in shelters.

Step 5. Build your network with as many "friends" as possible. Suggest friends to animal groups. Choose animal organizations, rescues, pet-related businesses and anyone who is an animal lover. You will be giving them exposure and visa versa.

Step 6. Working with your local shelter, send out your own bulletins about specific pets you have up for adoption, especially if the animal is scheduled to be killed and time is of the essence.

Send out bulletins regarding rescue-related events that are sponsored by you or others.

Send out bulletins soliciting donations for rescued pets that are in need of medical help or sponsorship.

Share bulletins from your friends to alert your other friends about their animals that are in urgent need.

Report to the group. We are your support group!

1. Hold off-site adoption events to find homes.

2. Sponsor adoption fees for those "ideal" homes.

3. Promote, advertise and find homes online for healthy adoptable animals in shelters.

4. Help spay and neuter all adoptable pets.

5. Help owners treat pet's minor ailments so they don't end up in shelters.