Extensive Raids in Tehran and Isfahan: 17 Baha'is Arrested

Bahai Suffers Lethal Poisoning in Shiraz

Prayer Leader of Rafsanjan: Baha’is Are Untouchable and Have to Leave Town

Fariba Kamalabadi’s Letter to Her Beautiful Daughter the Bride

Shamim Etehadi and Yazd Cemetery

My Dear Friends, Our brothers and sisters in Iran are living a life of suffering and sacrifice. Every day they come face to face with greater hardships and challenges. As you all know not even their dead is protected from oppression. There is not a single…Read More

Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra calls for the release of imprisoned Bahá'í leaders in Iran

U.S. Residents, call your congressman today.

May 14, 2014 Congressional Call-In Day May 14 marks the six-year anniversary of the imprisonment of the seven members of the Yaran, the former ad hoc leadership group of the Baha’is of Iran, who have been sentenced to twenty years in prison for their…Read More
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