LAST DAY TO VOTE! Can we meet our goal?

Last Chance To Vote....Can we pull this one off? Hey Everyone- I want to extend a sincere THANKS to everyone who has voted in the Texas Army National Guard poll here on Facebook. For each and everyone of you I am deeply, deeply humbled. For those that…Read More

$100.00 Bonus is on it's way!!

Hey Everyone! We are less than 200 votes away from taking the lead! That means if EVERYONE in the cause votes we will take the lead for sure or, if at least 200 of you vote, we will grab a tentative lead! Please remember, each vote gets a .25cent donation…Read More

On my knees begging for your help!

If I could get down on my knees and beg each and every one of you to vote on the poll, I would do it.....LITERALLY. So, through the power of the internet, I am down on my knees BEGGING you to vote. A little dramatic, I know, but let me explain: I started…Read More

Troops need support YEAR ROUND!

Hey Everyone- We have over 13,000 members to this cause but we have only received 350 votes. While that is a GREAT number, think about how large our donation would be if EVERYONE voted: 13,521 x .25 cents per vote = 3380.25


HEY EVERYBODY! We are in the last 7 days of our February effort to raise funds for Any Soldier, Inc. For those who have helped out THANKS! For everyone who hasn't voted, please, PLEASE take a few minutes to read; I work for Recruiting here in Texas. Our…Read More

Take a few minutes to view...

Billy Cullins just posted a photo to your cause, THANK A VETERAN THIS HOLIDAY! ( Hey Ya'll... This is pretty important to me so please take a few minutes! It's also important to our…Read More

Big Changes Coming!

Hey Ya'll! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to vote. Please, if you haven't done so, follow the instructions below and cast your vote. It's easy, quick and, best of all, FREE! Every vote cast for Team 16 will increase my donation to Any Soldier,…Read More
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