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Horse Tax Update - 5, 334 members!! Fantastic - well done everybody!

For all those who haven't signed the Number 10 E-Petition - now is the time to do so - very easy and only takes two minutes. Deadline to sign up by: 11 September 2010 – Signatures: 12,833 so far. Enter the following address in to your browser and just follow the links.

The wording of the petition is as follows :-

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to rethink the Government’s plans to place an additional charge on horse owners in order to pay for a new animal health body, on the grounds that any such move would complicate the process of responding to animal disease outbreaks without offering clear benefits to those who breed, ride and care for horses or delivering value for money to taxpayers. We call on the Government to work with all sections of the equine community – including owners, breeders and equine veterinarians – to find a fair alternative solution to managing animal disease.

Submitted by Jonathan Ware of British Horse Industry Confederation

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