Force a rethink on the £100 Horse Tax

Rethink the Horse Tax is the campaign for a fair approach to improving horse health and welfare in the UK.

The Government has unveiled plans to place a new tax on all horse owners, as part of proposals that would create a new layer of Government bureaucracy to deal with managing and preventing animal diseases.

There is a growing consensus that these plans would have a negative impact on the horse community in the UK, and will place an unfair burden on both the equine sector and taxpayers generally, with very little offered in return.

By joining the Rethink the Horse Tax campaign, you can help to send a strong message to politicians – that they need to go back to the drawing board and find a fairer solution to dealing with horse diseases.

Everyone involved in the horse community – from casual riders to sporting and horseracing enthusiasts – knows that caring for our animals is a number one priority. And as a community we need to make our voices heard and challenge the decision makers in Government and Parliament to find a better way of dealing with equine diseases.

1. http://www.rethinkthehorsetax.org/

2. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Horse-Rethink/sign