Finding adoptable homes for animals.

Growing up i was told by people of many faiths and walks of life.. animals are somehow under us, lower on the food chain, do not feel emotions like we do. They are stupid, and therefore expendable, valued lower then humans.. I have seen cats go from welcome companions to dirty pests... tossed out and given to "no kill" shelters and written off.. Or because no other choice was provided.

There has got to be a more humane approach. Others believe there is. Cats are not the only victim. All life has reason. All life is sacred..

We seek donations for building a hospice/shelter/hotel type atmosphere. For people and animals. There are also many legal obligations,people and costs to operateing such a rescue, rehabilitation, care center..

We will contribute time and money to others who help animals.. And work with the community to verify "no kill" practices..

1. gabrielsangel.4t.com