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Milestone: over 350 members

Let's keep it going. There hasn't been any news, but that doesn't mean we can't keep growing this group. Want to do more? Call the Saratoga Sheriff's Department, the Saratoga County SPCA, all of your friends? Connect to everyone you know!

Please, we are all animal lovers. Imagine if Daisy was your dog?

Please - all I ask is that you promote this site. Times Union stated there would be breaking news about the case three weeks ago. Yet Saratoga Sheriffs Department hasn't done their part. Please, call them. Please put pressure on them. This case isn't dead, and it won't be dead if you remain active and work toward a solution.

Please, please, please.... one of my two dogs is sitting on my lap now, patiently waiting for my love and affection.
You are all animal lovers or you wouldn't be here...

Repost this please. We are over 350 members. No money needed, just support and recognition!

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