The Front Porch is the best youth program on earth. It provides educational and recreational activities and opportunities to youth in Detroit according to their interests, initiatives and needs

The Front Porch provides:

Academic Advocacy: Individual youth sign up to get an academic advocate. They are visited once a week at school, their grades are monitored, and they are brought a nutritious and delicious lunch. Advocates are a bridge between school, after-school, and home. Basic needs assistance provided if needed (coats, school supplies etc.).

After School Help with Homework: If children have no homework we provide library books, educational games and homework. Free time - games, Internet, arts, life skills. NOTE: The center we used to use is unavailable. The heating unit was stolen from the top of the building among other issues. For now, after school is on the Porch on nice days and when kids need help.

Summer Program: Every year is different, depending on what the kids ask for and what opportunities are available. Summer 2009 included:
Tennis with Coach Dre
Crafts: Collage, Vase Decorating, and Backpack Making
Science: Recycling, Learning About the Heart, How Airplanes Fly
Reading with the Detroit Public Library – Winner of the Book Race was DW. The kids read a total of 2, 303 pages.
Swimming at Chandler Park Aquatic Center and swim lessons at Heilmann Recreation Center.
Bowling at the Garden Bowl downtown, taking the DDOT
Fishing at the Spring Valley Trout Farm
YouthDay on Belle Isle and the Detroit Public Library
Healthy Lunches and Snacks
Walking up to the recreation center and Chandler Park - about 2 miles there and 2 miles back. The walking winners were TD and JD sisters. Second Place were JC and JW sibling and third place was ES.
Teen community service winner: RW with 57 hours of summer community service. KJ, TH, LH, and QW also helped a lot! They made friendship bracelet kits for the kids at Children's Hospital. They did a total of 177 volunteer hours.
Triathlon at Stony Creek.
The kids learned about their heart as a muscle and aerobic activity from the American Heart Association and they used the new fitness trail at Heilmann to learn about different exercises to stay fit in a treasure hunt.
The kids made collages about their future.
The kids had treasure hunts everyday walking to and from the rec center. Other contests were ended with a trip to the treasure chest full of prizes.
All our lettuce for sandwiches came right from the garden near the porch. For the first time, the kids grew potatoes.
From the butterfly and bee garden near the porch the kids learned about monarchs, honey bees and bumble bees.

On The Porch: Informal activities provided on the street chosen by the kids. This could be anything from making sock monkeys, a game of speed or a water balloon fight.

1. http://www.frontporchdetroit.org/front_porch_about.html

2. Helping urban youth succeed in school and in the community.