Pride for Parents Sponsorships

Do you own a business, or know someone that does? We are looking for business to help sponsor our annual Pride for Parents campaign. If you know of any businesses that we could approach, we would appreciate it. You can find out more information about the…Read More

An Invitation to Join Us!

Our January newsletter is out. Many of you will be receiving it via email or snail mail over the next week or so. But wanted to post it here in case anyone is not on my list. Hope you read it over and consider support FCS Community Economic Development in…Read More

South Atlanta Sounds CD

South Atlanta Sounds CD is now for sale online and at the Marketplace! Only $8! Check out music by Brando Hall, Chris McCord, Leroy Barber, Jess Barber, Billy Quezada, Ashely Pharis, and a special tribute to FCS! Check out the website:…Read More
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