supporting victims of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide

The Trust Fund for Victims is the first of its kind in the global movement to end impunity, help prevent the gravest crimes known to humanity, and bring justice to victims around the world.

At the end of one of the bloodiest centuries in human history, 120 nations made a commitment to these goals by voting for the Rome Statute, which created the International Criminal Court to prosecute those responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

For the people who suffer most from these crimes, the Rome Statute set forth the mandates of the Trust Fund for Victims. In 2002, the Statute came into force and the Assembly of States Parties established the TFV.

By working with national and international partners in situations where the ICC is active, the TFV provides a vehicle through which people around the world can help victims and their families reclaim and rebuild their lives.

1. implementing reparations to victims ordered by the International Criminal Court

2. granting psychological rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation and material support for victims before the ICC

3. ensuring victim empowerment and sustainable approaches to reparations