Education & Awareness of H1N1

For people who have concerns about H1N1 and discussions on the symptoms and supportive networking. If you would like to add anything or share information on H1N1, please do so, because everybody is concerned about it worldwide. "H1N1 pandemic flu has spread to some 160 countries and killed about 800 and more + as it travels & mutate's. H1N1needs to be watched carefully in case it mutates and becomes more severe in winter. For the moment we haven't seen any changes in the behavior of the virus. What we are seeing still is a geographic expansion across countries," People who have H1N1 can go into a coma and die, depending on the severity of the illness and health complications the donor host has, once they have come into contact with H1N1. Please add anything you want to this cause, we are creating awareness, education and support for all who join our cause.

1. Promoting awareness of H1N1

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