Signature Gatherers wanted - Correction!

We are circulating several petitions, one of which is on the future of Capitol Lake. If you are interested in coordinating with us, call the Olympia Patient Resource Center (OPRC) at 3604563517 Mon-Thu 11am-6pm or stop by at 2747 Pacific Avenue Ste B-23. Not…Read More

CLAMP Meeting was interesting

Thanks to all of you who were able to make it. Special thanks to Jeremy Miller for testifying, Layne Huber on camera, and Jim Lengenfelder, who has been a leading activist in this cause long before I. He is a member of a coalition that includes the Olympia…Read More

CLAMP Meeting Thursday 3 December 8am-9am

It's at the General Administration Building, Room 207, 210 11th Avenue in Olympia, right by the Capitol. Be there! Help us Save Capitol Lake!

CLAMP meeting set! 3 December!

Capitol Lake Adaptive Management Committee is having it's monthly committee meeting on 3 December 2009 at 8am-9am. If you are available to attend and/or testify, email me at [email protected], or just show up. I will be testifying, and hope some of you…Read More

Thank you for your response! Advocacy Project #1

Thank you all for joining the Cause! Let's use our combined voice to protect Capitol Lake from those who would abandon it. The first thing that will help the Cause is to get the CLAMP meetings scheduled in the evening. At the moment, they occur from 8am-10am…Read More
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