HELP MICHIGAN WOLVES- Vote NO for listing wolves as game!

Ask Nancy Pelosi To Stop Serving Veal At Her Restaurants

Killing Animals for their flesh is as vile as hunting. It is unimaginable what all animals live through until their horrifying and gruesome deaths. If you're a meat eater, PLEASE consider the animals and your own health. Thank you all, …Read More

Fire And Prosecute Police Officers That Killed A Neighborhood Elk

Please sign and let's show ALL people how disdusting and horrific murdering animals is to most of is! Thank you, -Paul

Be an Activist for Wolves --- A Strategy to Speak for Them.....

Please pledge to help the wolves who are being brutally murdered! Thank you all, -Paul

Justice for Roxie - Robbery victim's 12 year old dog dies after suspect throws animal into traffic..

Although the main focus of this group is to ban hunting, I also feel it is important to defend all animals where ever we can. Your thoughts. Thanks, …Read More


If you haven't signed, please sign now for the wolves. Thank you, Paul

Make the Gray Wolf a National Symbol of America's Independence

What a great idea! Please sign and take the pledge my good friends. Thank you all! -Paul Hester
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