Agros exists to end rural poverty, one village at a time. Our mission is to empower rural poor families own agricultural land, reach economic self-sufficiency, and realize their God-given potential

Agros International is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty for rural families in Central America and Mexico by enabling landless communities to achieve land ownership and economic stability. Having learned that the root causes of poverty extend across communities and are passed down from generation to generation, the Agros development model is holistic, sustainable, and focused on long term results. This commitment to the long-term sustainability of a whole community serves to break the cycle of poverty in all its forms.

1. Land ownership/security is a fundamental element in ending rural poverty

2. Poverty is defined by broken relationships

3. The causes and solutions of poverty must be addressed horizontally at the community level, and vertically across generations

4. Lasting development work must be truly and demonstrably sustainable - the villagers must own it themselves