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The White House Recognizes First Graduate College Senior as a Champion of Change!

Making Change, One Child at a Time

First Graduate Student Named "Champion of Change" by President Obama

Yvette Ramirez, a First Graduate Senior at Harvard University, was officially recognized as a “Champion of Change” (Agente de Cambio) - a part of President Obama’s “Winning the Future” initiative* at (

YvetteYvette's blog post, "Making Change, One Child at a Time" is featured on the White House blog ( this week. Yvette gives thanks to First Graduate, and offers her own experiences as the motivation to work in education and help other low income students obtain the quality education they need and deserve. 

First Graduate helped Yvette make her journey from being a San Francisco public middle school student to a soon-to-be Harvard graduate possible. It also inspired her to give back.

In her words: "I aspire to become a leader in education, and I am committed to acquiring a comprehensive, grass-roots understanding of public education. I believe the best kind of learning happens through the provision of services to people in need, which allows both parties to benefit and grow together."

She continues, "I now plan on returning to the Mission District in order to use the skills I have make a quality public school education possible for the children in my community."

Read more about Yvette's path to becoming a first-generation college graduate, and her work to incite change on 

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